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Kart carved candle – for every special moment of your life.
Kart carved candles radiate peace, concord and harmony.

Each carved candle is a unique piece of art, which is the very essence of a carved candle. Carved candles are made in style of baroque using 16th century technology. Each candle is entirely handmade. The result is unique, because each candle depends on the inspiration and imagination of the master, as different colours and layer thickness are combined and then moulded into beautiful ornaments. The efforts result in a harmonic baroque-style sculpture that radiates peace, concord and harmony. You can order an individually-made carved candle for any special moment of your life – a present to a special person, for a wedding, birthday, baptism, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day and other events that are important to you.


Each carved candle is packed in a tasteful cardboard box, which protects the candle from any damages and increases the joy of gift-giving.

Important information

We want each Kart candle to reach you in time and be available to you on every special moment of your life. Therefore we would like to ask you to place the order in a timely manner and keep in mind that executing the order take may take a while, depending on the distance it has to be delivered to. The candle will be sent out as soon as possible. We can guarantee, however, that it will be no later than 3 working days after receiving the payment. The indicated size and weight of each candle is approximate – it may differ a little due to the fact that it is a handmade product. Colours you see in the image may differ from the actual colour of the candle since these are only pictures – in life our candles are brighter and more elegant.


Before delivery each Kart candle is packed in a special secure box that will ensure it reaches you undamaged.

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